Friday, August 31, 2012

It was time...

...time for a new living room rug! Our old one was perfect for the 9.5 years it's lasted us, but boy it screamed 80's in every way to me.

I was giddy when it arrived. Paul just thought I was crazy.

Love, love, love!

Even Moses loves it.

And the next morning, Grayson couldn't contain himself (most of his emotions are loud these days).

Grayson's even become a huge "help" in keeping the shedding under control.

The rug sheds like crazy, and the white parts aren't quite as white as they were when we first got it, but we love this rug! Got it from It's so much more plush than our other one. It really makes our living room cozy, and welcomed it into the 21st century.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I'm TWO!!"

I tried all day to get Grayson to answer me with "I'm TWO!" when I'd ask him how old he was, but it never happened. Oh well. Here's our day:

It's our birthday tradition to have a pile of gifts waiting for you at the breakfast table. So, almost immediately after Grayson came out of his room and saw the gifts, he began opening. First it was his new tow truck. He was pretty excited. Moses was too.

He was also pretty excited about his new movie. Ilana was too.
He was too busy opening his gifts to eat breakfast (we've got to have our priorities!), and the excitement couldn't be contained, so he immediately went to playing.

With August being as crazy as it was, and Paul being gone so often, it was the best gift to have him home to celebrate with us.

At some point in the morning the family's gifts began to arrive. Gray was busy with his new dump truck all day, and I do mean ALL day. (This picture was, of course, taken with my phone. I SO wish it was in focus, it is completely "him" these days. Oh well.)

After nap we watched The Lorax and ate dinner on the couch. Then, we went outside to roar at play with our neighbors for a bit before cupcakes.

One little girl asked to "go on a bear hunt" (a new favorite game of hers). I think she found the bear.

We had a great time outside.

Then we sang to Grayson. He was not a fan. Really. It was hilarious!

He did enjoy looking at the candles.

But they "refused" to be blown out. (He just isn't experienced enough yet, but his reaction after a few tries was priceless.)

So big sis had to help.

They were pretty good, despite being a little burned on the bottoms.

We enjoyed some family time outside.

Most of our neighbors were there too, but none of those pictures turned out well - sorry y'all. Really, our neighbors have become our "family" out here as well.

Grayson, we are so in love with you and who you are becoming. Thanks for lighting up our hearts!
...we must've partied pretty hard because this morning I found this on our dining room table. It's just a sticker, but still...

Saturday, August 18, 2012


One night I was making dinner and the kids gave me a little musical serenade...for about 20 minutes straight...

(Ignore the fact that Grayson's just in a diaper - you never know what you're gonna get after nap time.) I love that these two are becoming such good friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

the soon-to-be middle one

This summer Grayson has stolen my heart. I love the baby phase, but there's nothing like that personality that starts to come out at 15 months or so and boy, this little man has been all personality this summer!

We are most certainly into the terrible 2's with him. He kicks, he screams, he has tantrums, he throws, he hits. But when he wants to be out.

He has become a chatter box and says everything Ilana does, but in a 2-year-old kind of way. I understand him about 95% of the time and, for a 2 year old, he has quite the vocabulary.

He cries and screams every time I change his diaper. I explain to him that I wouldn't have to change his diaper if he went to the potty. His reply: "NO!" So, we're waiting on that.

He is ALL BOY. Grayson LOVES to dig, build with blocks, play with his choo choo trains, cars, trucks or any vehicle. He knows more varieties of trucks than I do and can identify them all.

He'll make anything into a weapon, especially anything stick-like in shape. He loves to climb, run, wrestle and jump.

We changed his crib into a toddler bed (one less transition after the baby's born), and he crawls into bed with Ilana when he wakes up in the morning and at nap time. He likes it, even though it infuriates her.

He most certainly knows how to push Ilana's buttons. We're still working on sharing - I have a feeling we will be for the next 20 years. My one sibling (brother) is 6 years older than me, so I didn't have the typical "close sibling issues" that mine do. Wow, they are for real! Definitely a love-hate relationship. He is into whatever she is. She is in a "Lyle the crocodile" phase right now and so, of course, he is too. They speak in "crocodile" to each other and love tromping around, which inevitably turns into a wrestling match. It's precious and enraging all at the same time.

His emotional outbursts, although fierce, are not nearly as long-lasting as Ilana's. He'll have a tantrum, and fully express how upset he is, but then he's over it. Same with boo-boos. The one emotional incident he fully remembers, though, is when he hit me, from 2 feet away, in the head with a golf ball. My neighbor (who witnessed the throw) and I are convinced he'll be a pitcher or quarterback someday. He's got quite the arm. I had a nice welt and few-day headache to prove it. He was sorry. I couldn't understand how I could be so mad and so in love with someone at the same time.

I am fully aware this time around that my relationship with this sweet little man will change when his baby sister is born. I will change. He will change. I am doing my best to soak up all that he is these days. They are fleeting. Soon, not only will he be the only boy, but he will also be "the middle child." Oh boy!

I had a nurse-midwife appointment last week. Everything looks great. Despite the "any day now?" comments, I'm measuring right on time. This baby girl is a mover. The kids have both been able to feel her move and kick. Paul feels her all the time.

Nesting is fully underway (yes, we got a new living room rug - pictured above). The 0-3 month clothes are already out and the rest are completely organized and ready to go. The list of possible names is constantly changing. The hospital bag list is saved on my phone. My mom was here last week and we changed up our living room and dining room window treatments. The playroom is coming along. This apartment is starting to really feel like home and I love it! We've been fully soaking up this summer!