Sunday, October 10, 2010

6 weeks!!!!

I canNOT believe it's been 6 weeks since Grayson was born. He is a "rock star" (according to our family doctor). He's already 13 pounds ... yes, 13. He is quite a CHUNK!! Here are some pictures of these past 6 weeks.

This was emailed to me the morning that Gray was born. When our neighbor was there to take care of Ilana and asked her if she was excited to have a baby brother, this was Ilana's response: "YEAH!"
A couple days later she had her first sleepover. This was taken that night during dress up.

Nursing has gone really well. Gray's gone from this...

to this in just a couple weeks! a moment of inspiration. :)
Gray: "So...this is kind of ok, but if we stop for ice cream on the way home I'd really be ok with this." (This was Gray when he was 5 days old, on his way to the Dr's office.)

Gray was a bit upset until Ilana held his hand.
He's getting pretty used to being worn in the Connecta Carrier.
He's chunking up!
Gray: "So, you guys are...?" hahaha! He just makes me laugh sometimes. :)
Here he is at 6 a 3-6 month sleeper!!!
Yes, Ilana is doing great!
We LOVE our double stroller...
...and all the baby smiles we get.
Gotta go feed my little man!