Saturday, May 19, 2012


One of our absolute favorite things about Evanston are the parks. I have never lived in a place that has so many and are well thought out for children of all ages. We live very close to 2 excellent ones and visit them often, especially on beautiful mornings like today. We picked up our neighbor (Ilana's best friend) and off we went to Eiden Park!

This is how I roll when I have to watch more than just my current 2 kiddos. I've had more caffeine in the past 15 weeks than I probably have in my whole life. Here's to surviving a third baby!

(I am fully aware that this picture is hugely over exposed - oh well. He was obsessed with another little girl's scooter for most of our time at the park. I think maybe this time next year he'll have one of his own.)

Happy weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

His first haircut

We arrived before they even opened...

and immediately I was sure this was not going to be a good experience...

Ilana did her best to set a good example (no, we didn't get her haircut, but she was awesome!)...

and then the fun really started (he won the battle against the cape)...

Ilana watched Sports Center in the waiting area...

and the curls started coming off...

eventually he really caught on! (Just ignore Paul's eyes - bleh!)

The aftermath...

All in all the haircut went 100 times better than I anticipated. I thought he'd scream through the whole thing. I'm so glad Paul came with us. The first 10 minutes were touch and go and he didn't even want to come into the salon in the first place. Once the stylist started spraying his hair with water and conditioner, though, he settled down and surrendered to the process. Another gentleman came in and sat next to him, which I think actually helped Gray calm down (ha!) - he knew it was "normal" or something. I surprised myself by not shedding a single tear.

We were initially going to go to a place that specializes in little ones, but then a friend recommended Sport Clips - they have Sports Center on monitors at every chair, lollipops, and they're fast. She's never been disappointed and I'll say we weren't either - and we didn't even need the lollipop. Initially his haircut reminded me of my Grandma's, but now that he's lived in it a little bit, the part's gone, and slept on it, it's a lot more "him."

Bottom line: I'd call it a success!!!

...and yes I did save some of the curls. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Paul at 372 months

Paul is still quite a character at 372 months. Here he is with his "I just woke up" face on.

Last week we had a simple birthday celebration for him. We started the day off with a favorite: breakfast burritos (thanks in whole to one of his misplaced-become-Christmas-in-May presents to me). I was pretty excited too.

He enjoyed a short morning nap. He likes to get one of these in as often as possible. As you can see the little ones were keeping him company, but he still managed to fall asleep.

These past few months (as in years) Paul's really come into his own. This newer role of "Dad" seems to suit him super well. We're still sure he'll get his PhD at some point, but now, especially with our third surprise pregnancy, we'll wait a bit longer. His job continues to challenge him in ways we expected and ways we didn't. But he still loves it most days, and is always thankful for it. Food continues to be a positive thing for Paul, and he's always willing to help vacuum the apartment.

I think the highlight of his birthday for both of us was Ilana's solo rendition of "Happy Birthday Daddy!" It was super sweet.

The cake was completely made from scratch. It was alright, not my favorite and certainly not the prettiest, but we did our best. We decided on one candle for each complete decade of life.

(Yes, I'm totally parodying those posts that people do about their babies at certain months.) :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

He knows who his Momma is

Part of my pregnancy experience so far has been an early desire to nest. It could be because this will be our first entire pregnancy and infancy of a Miller baby that will all be in one place. It could be that I know how exhausted I've been in this first trimester, so my brain is sprawling it out the process. It could be that I just enjoy doing this kind of thing and have been looking for a reason. Either way, Paul and I have embarked on The Great Purge 2012! (or at least that's what I call it) We're going through boxes we've had in storage for 2 straight years and haven't opened. The "tosser" in me feels exhilarated and completely alive!

Well, I have a box labeled "HM's Paperwork to sort" in the living room waiting for a free moment. Grayson was looking in it one morning and found a super old picture of me. He immediately pointed to me and started saying "Momma, Momma, Momma."

I was half flattered thinking maybe I haven't changed so much that I'm still recognizable from early high school. The other half of me just thinks that the little man knows who his Momma is.

Either way, I was pretty flattered.

On the pregnancy front of things, I had an appointment today with my nurse midwife. Everything looks great. This baby's growing really well. My constant nausea has subsided, unfortunately my exhaustion didn't leave with it. Somehow I think that'll take awhile longer this time around. Something about running around after 2 kiddos... My latest craving has been cream cheese. I just can't get enough!

Hope your weekend is filled with people that would recognize you in old pictures!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SFT Dinner

One of the greatest joys for Paul and I here in Chicago are the students Paul gets to work with. They are the Student Facilitation Team (SFT) and they are being trained to take their peers into the back country for life-changing experiences. They work hard and they play hard and it's the greatest blessing to watch them grow and be part of it all.

These students meet weekly with Paul and their last meeting every year is a dinner at our place. What a joy to host them!

They are seriously the coolest and THE BEST that Loyola of Chicago has to offer. We're so thankful they've found the program. It would not be what it is today without them. They're making it into something greater than themselves, and having a blast doing it.

Gina has become our babysitter and obviously has a very special place in Ilana's heart. As you can see, Ilana doesn't mind having all the students around either.