Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taking it easy

I guess we're slowing down.

We're getting ready to welcome another human being into our family. (This is Ilana on the sibling tour at Evanston Hospital - she was SUPER SWEET with the baby doll they gave the kids to "practice" on.)

We're recovering from the Loyola flu/cold that descended on our house almost 3 weeks ago. Gray's on his second round of it already.

Honestly, these days are some of the most physically uncomfortable I've ever experienced. This pregnancy is having its way with...basically every part of my body from my belly down. Laying down is the most comfortable position, once our baby repositions herself and snuggles in.

But, laying down doesn't wear out 2 active little kids very well. And when their energy is high, they don't sleep well, or play well together. So, there's a magic combination of activity and rest (that changes daily) that we're trying desperately to hit. Most days we do alright, but of course we have our challenging moments.

Grayson had his 2-year old check up today and he is one healthy little boy! His stats are basically identical to Ilana's except he's a few inches shorter.

I'm doing my best to enjoy "simply" having 2 kids, that are on the same schedule, that are both eating what we eat, and walking and playing really well together. These days are numbered.

On October 1 I'm allowing myself to pack my hospital bag. Although I'm not technically due until November 9, Grayson was born at 38 weeks and if this little girl is going to be big (which everything seems to be pointing in that direction) and wants to come early, I won't mind too much. :)

I'm thankful the days are getting shorter and the temps have dropped. Fall is well underway. This was our first week in our "fall routine" and I like it!

I hope you're taking it easy too.