Monday, October 29, 2012

Sometimes I think Paul would make a better stay-at-home-Dad

I don't know what it is, but lately Paul has stepped up this whole "Dad" thing. We'll be sitting at the dinner table and he'll say, "Hey kids! Want to (fill in the blank with something the kids would absolutely LOVE to do) with me?" And then he jumps right in.


Messes, meltdowns and all, he just goes with the flow.

He's so much more adventurous and creative than I feel like I am with them. In tonight's "project" of carving the jack-o-lantern, Paul asked Ilana what she wanted the face to look like. This was her response:

He let her draw the mouth, and he cut it exactly as she drew it.

I need to learn from him, let go and just roll with it more often, because who would want to pass up moments in life like these?

Thanks, Paul, for being an awesome Dad to our kids!!!

(And yes, I know I broke some sort of unspoken "blogging rule" by doing 2 posts in one night, but in my mind these are completely different posts. So, enjoy!) :)


Anonymous said...

Nonni LOVES those beautiful Jack-o-Lanterns! Great job, Paul! It is such a blessing to see a wonderful Dad doing so many fun things with his kids! Happy Halloween! Those are prize winning Jack-o-Lanterns! Love you guys!

Katie Gurr said...

Fantastic photos! Love that pumpkin snarl.